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about mesurex, About us
about mesurex, About us
about mesurex, About us

Mesurex, through its Measurement and Control division, offers solutions in sensors, equipment and measurement systems.

With headquarters in Malaga, in the Technology Park of Andalucia (PTA) and offices in Barcelona and Madrid, we offer solutions in sensors, measurement systems, acquisition, data processing and process control with the latest technologies since 1996.

In the Mesurex's Measurement and Control division, we offer a wide range of sensors and measurement and control systems, developed by ourselves and also from partner companies.

We collaborate with leading global companies in the instrumentation and industrial computing sector. We have sensors and measurement systems for very specific applications, either due to the existence of restrictive environments or due to high precision requirements.

We are specialists in detection, measurement, monitoring, quality control and processes, through high precision optoelectronic sensors: temperature, distance, displacement, thickness, humidity, profiles, deformation, vibration, thermography, positioning, speed, porosity, level of oxidation, etc.

Mission and Vision

Since its beginnings, Mesurex has carried out an ambitious R&D strategy, promoting the generation of new products and services for its customers. For this, it participates in top-level R&D activities, in collaboration with the most prestigious organizations, both at European and national level. In order to reach our goals we invest in the best human resources and technology so we can carry out all the stages of design, manufacturing, integration and programming of the equipment and devices.


Contact us and we will advise you on the ideal solution for your application.

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